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The Family Interactive CD:

Bar Mitzvah

In the Jewish family, few events are as full of meaning, history and tradition than the Bar/Bas Mitzvah. It is a day when Family becomes paramount - as your child is, for the first time, seen as an adult in the religious community.

Our Living Tree tells the story of your family - its roots and its heritage. Our special interactive CD shows how everyone in your family is related - and tells their very special stories. The Special Dates calendar marks important family events - including birthdays and anniversaries.

Our Living Tree CD is a living tribute to your family and ensures that future generations will know the story of their roots.

Our Family of Products:

>Family Interactive CD
>Photo Gallery CD
>Photo Collage
>Family Tree Print
>Memory Book
>Personal & Family Life Stories


CLICK HERE to see the Family Interactive Bar Mitzvah CD we did to celebrate Josh's Bar Mitzvah.

Give the perfect gift for that special occasion. Our Family Interactive CD is unique for every eventů

> Wedding
> Bar Mitzvah
> Anniversary

Our Custom Interactive CD adds a new dimension to:
> Fundraising Activities
> Chronicling Corporate Histories