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Personal Histories

These are the stories of your life. They can be long or short, capture one or two special times of your life or reveal your experiences over many years in as much detail as you want. Add images of keepsakes, photos, love letters, your favorite recipes - all the things that were important enough for you to save and tuck away.

When telling your story and documenting your experiences, your family gains insight into your life - helping you and your loved ones strengthen the sense of connectedness and family ties.

A Personal History can take many forms:

Oral History
Your stories and recollections preserved on audio tape or CD's.

Interview transcripts
Unedited or edited and illustrated with family photos and memorabilia.

Interview transcripts are edited and crafted into well written narratives and organized into chapters. Photos and other art work are combined to create a well designed, custom printed book, in a soft or hard cover binding.


Our Family of Products:

>Family Interactive CD
>Photo Gallery CD
>Photo Collage
>Family Tree Print
>Memory Book
>Personal & Family Life Stories



We record your stories on video tape, incorporating photos, home movies, voice and music. Published on VHS, CD or DVD, video biographies can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 45 minutes or more.

Photo Video CD
Your oral history can be included in this compilation of your family photos and keepsakes set to music.

Family Interactive CD
Your oral or written history can be included in this multimedia CD, which features your family tree, genealogy, special events calendars, timelines, photos, home movies and more.

Ethical Wills

An ethical will lets you summarize your beliefs and values and pass these on to your children, your grandchildren, your loved ones and future generations. It is a legacy of your spirit, your values - unlike a legal will, which is mainly a distribution of your financial assets.

Also known as Legacy wills, they are a way to share your hopes and dreams, your values and blessings with your family and friends.

Ethical wills are usually shared with family and community while the writer is still alive, often written at turning points in their lives. It is a priceless gift that will be treasured beyond any material goods.

Like a Personal History, an ethical will can take many forms. Write it, record it in your own voice, include it as part of a Photo Video, make it part of your personal story in our Family Interactive CD.