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The Family Interactive CD:


Love brings two people together, and it is love that makes your wedding a glorious union. Our Living Tree will help you celebrate this union in an extraordinary way.

See each family come to life. There is a personal page for everyone in your family filled with photos, special stories, address, phone numbers and email. And a calendar of all the important birthdates and anniversaries that you'll want to remember and celebrate. See how everyone is related on your Family Tree.

Give a wedding gift that may be the most meaningful gift the couple will ever receive.

A wedding is more than the marriage of two people- it's the joining of two families. Our Living Tree joins your two family histories and preserves it on an interactive CD as a living tribute to your family.

Our Family of Products:

>Family Interactive CD
>Photo Gallery CD
>Photo Collage
>Family Tree Print
>Memory Book
>Personal & Family Life Stories

CLICK HERE to see the Family Interactive Wedding CD we did for Melissa & Mike's wedding in Providence, Rhode Island.

Give the perfect gift for that special occasion. Our Family Interactive CD is unique for every eventů

> Wedding
> Bar Mitzvah
> Anniversary

Our Custom Interactive CD adds a new dimension to:
> Fundraising Activities
> Chronicling Corporate Histories